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Free Probate Attorney Consultation : Call us when you need a free probate consultation.

When you need a free probate consultation regarding Wills, Probate and Estate matters in Los Angeles to evaluate your case, you should find and consult an attorney who has more than twenty years of experience in Probate in Los Angeles.

You should consult with our probate attorneys in the following probate estate circumstances:

1.   Decedent died without a will, or a no will can be found.

2.   You believe there was fraud or forgery involved regarding a Will in Probate.

3.   You believe someone influenced the decedent to write a will or trust which he or she otherwise would not have signed.

4.   There was any type of fraud involved in an estate or by the executor.

5.    An executor has not filed an accounting within a year from the start of probate.

6.    Executor or Administrator has not filed an inventory.

7.    The elderly decedent was abused during his or her lifetime.

8.    There are assets which should belong to the estate but which someone else claims or owns.

9.    Decedent was in the middle of a sale, or transaction, and he or she died.

10.    There is sibling rivalry in the family regarding who should own the assets of a parent, or deceased person and a family member needs a free probate consultation in Los Angeles, CA.

11.  There needs to be a conservator appointed for a family member or loved one.

11.  A fiduciary, executor, administrator, trustee or agent under a power of attorney has not met his or her duties or responsibilities.

12.   Assets need to be returned to a person, estate or trust.

13.   A probate executor, trustee, conservator or power of attorney agent has not accounted or is late in accounting.

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