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California has strict Conservatorship rules regarding required court ordered Conservatorship Accountings under Probate Code 2620.2.   If a Conservator fails to account to the Court, several things may happen as follows:

1.   A failure to file a court ordered accounting is deemed contempt under California Law and the Court may fine the Conservator.

2.   Most importantly, the Court can do the following:

  • Remove the Conservator;
  • Cite the Conservator in Court;
  • Suspend the Conservator and appoint a Temporary Conservator to take over the assets of the conservatorship, investigate the actions of the suspended or removed conservator, and to file a petition for surcharge of the suspended or removed conservator.
  • If the Court has not suspended the Conservator, the Court can appoint an attorney for the Conservatee to do the following:

 Investigate the actions of the Conservator;
 Recommend removal of the Conservator to the Court;
 Ask for a blocked account order, or placement with a trust company.


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