Many times our Los Angeles clients seek counsel or attorneys for family members, to protect elderly or disabled persons in Conservatorship litigation cases in Los Angeles County, California.  In those situations, family members or friends get involved in the day-to-day affairs of that person and disputes regarding conservatorships can arise unexpectedly and quickly.   Who controls the elder person's funds is often subject of litigation in Conservatorship matters.   Typically, children litigate against each other to determine who is best suited to take care of the parent's finances or physical well-being.   Do you need a Conservatorships attorney near you in Los Angeles, or have asked yourself is a conservatorship lawyer appropriate for me? Call for conservatorships now.

Conservatorships get litigated in many arenas as follows:

1.   Lawsuits over who is most suitable to become the conservator or appointed.

2.   Objections to Conservatorships are filed.

3.   Conservatorship Mediations often lead to resolution of this type of case.

4.   When a Conservator is appointed and has not filed an accounting, family or friends can demand an accounting.  Objections to Conservatorship accountings can also result in litigation.

5.   If an elder person is contractually bound to perform a sale or other conveyance, the Conservatorship may be litigated in what is called an 850 action.

6.   In urgent situations, when the physical health of the person is at risk, or when assets are at risk of immediate loss, a temporary conservatorship can be established to safeguard the person or his/her assets.

7.   Conservators can make mistakes.  At times, they fail to properly invest the assets of the Conservatee, and on occasion, some have absconded with the same.

8.   There are some situations where a relative lives with the conservatee and there is a need to sell the home of the conservatee to support him/her.  

9.   Conservatorship litigation can also arise in the context of a dissolution of a marriage of the elder.   

All of the above situations may lead to litigation in the conservatorship arena.     

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Mina Sirkin is a nationally recognized Los Angeles conservatorship and probate attorney and has served as a media expert to CNN, MSNBC, Inside Edition, NPR and KTLA regarding probate and estate matters.  With over 22 years of conservatorship experience, Mina Sirkin is Certified as a Specialist by the Board of Legal Specialization of the State Bar of California, in Probate, Estate Planning and Trust Law.  Only 1% of California attorneys are Certified as specialists.   Mina Sirkin is rated 10/10 on Avvo.  Sirkin Law Group's conservatorship lawyers in Los Angeles can assist you and your loved ones.   Call: 818.340.4479 when you need an attorney to litigate in a Conservatorship matter.  Our attorneys have superb experience in trial, discovery, and appeal of conservatorship litigation matters in Los Angeles County.




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