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Benefits of Mediation in Conservatorship Cases:

1.   Mediation is the most effective method of resolving probate cases outside of court, without a trial.     At trial, one person wins, and one person loses.    That result can be avoided by mediating conservatorship matters.

2.   Mediations save money for parties involved in conflict, because mediation generally costs $5,000 -$6,000 per day, while litigation costs thousands of dollars per month.   Most mediations resolve in one day.    Most families are not aware of the high cost of litigation.   While most children want what is best for the parent, at times, past issues among siblings prevent in court resolutions, as it takes nearly a year to get to a trial in Los Angeles County.

3.   Mediations reduce stress.   Mediations can avoid the stress of countless court hearings, and long depositions.

4.   Mediations take the decision-making away from the Court and put it in the hands of the parties to come to an agreement.    If your elderly parent is the subject of the conservatorship, going to mediation can take away the stigma of a conservatorship for an elderly adult.

5.   Mediation agreements can be reduced into stipulated orders very quickly.    Once you resolve your case in mediation, the agreement can be filed with the court, or put on the record orally to end litigation involving the selection of the conservator or other issues pertaining to accountings or actions of the conservator.

6.    Mediations leave nothing to chance.   All matters are collaboratively agreed upon, and judges and juries do not make the decision for you unless you specifically ask for it.

7.    Mediations allow the parties to vent and be heard by a neutral.    At trial, there is generally no opportunity to say what is on your mind.   Trials are conducted by a question and answer session.   Many times, there are issues that a petitioner or objector would like the judge to know, but which never get heard.   At mediation, those issues can be discussed with the mediator.

 8.    Mediations are confidential.   What is said in a mediation is not disclosed and not discoverable, unless it would normally be discovered during regular discovery.   The successful results of the mediation is however admissible as is a mediation settlement agreement when the parties provide for its admissibility in the agreement.

9.    Mediations save estates and conservatorships for the elderly and their children.     Once the mediation is concluded, the costs of litigation are minimized and all of the conservatorship assets are then preserved for care of the elderly.


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