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Most Los Angeles lawyers offer a free probate consultation for several reasons:

1.   Getting a feel for the skill of the lawyer cannot be observed through email, a website, or the phone.

2.   Getting along with your lawyer is a function of two peoples' energies, and rapport.

3.   Paying attention to your case is observable from the first meeting.

4.   Compassion in will and trust cases is lost, if your entire case is handled electronically.

Clients often need a free probate consultation regarding Wills, Probate and Estate matters in Los Angeles to evaluate, not just their needs, and budget, but also the entire economics of their case.    Factual evaluations in probate cases take time, and should be done in person.   Our attorneys offer a free consultation for Los Angeles County related cases.

You should personally consult with our attorneys and lawyers in the following probate circumstances:

1.   A family member, friend, or loved one has passed away, and has not left a will, or has left a will which you question.

2.  You believe there was forgery, or fraud involved in how a will was obtained.

3.  You believe someone influenced the decedent to write a will or trust which he or she otherwise would not have signed.   Your gut feeling tells you that the decedent would not have written the will this way, if he or she was not talked into it.

4.   There was any type of fraud involved in an estate.    You were not given notice of a probate proceeding, and think you should have known about it.

5.    An executor has not filed an accounting within a year from the start of probate.   Don't wait.   Passage of time makes evidence disappear.  You should call us to consult or advise you regarding your rights.

6.    You have asked for an inventory from the Executor or Administrator, and he or she has not provided or filed an inventory.

7.    You observed that the elderly decedent was abused during his or her lifetime.

8.    There are assets which should belong to the estate but which someone else claims or owns.

9.    Late in life transactions were pending, or decedent was selling or refinancing a home.

10.  There is animosity among family members.   People tend to group in "camps" in families before litigation ensues.   If your brothers and sisters need a free probate consultation in Los Angeles, Ca, we are probate attorneys in LA who can help.

11.  Before someone dies, if an elder or parent needs help in getting things done legally, there may be need for a conservator appointed.

12.   Sometimes, people with a power of attorney abuse their powers.  Call our probate consultant, if a a fiduciary, executor, administrator, trustee or agent under a power of attorney has not met his or her duties or responsibilities.

13.  If someone dies, or becomes incompetent, which they hold an asset of another person, and the asset needs to be returned to a person, estate or trust, our lawyer can assist.

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