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specialist attorney in dementia law and legal care can help your family with conservatorships and the following:

1.   Discuss a dementia / alzheimer's assessment by an expert physician or psychologist trained to provide a Capacity Declaration in Los Angeles.

2.   Once capacity is determined, then depending on the outcome, a specialist can advise you as whether a power of attorney is sufficient OR whether a full conservatorship proceeding is necessary.

3.   Your legal counsel should be able to immediately determine if the person who proposes to become a conservator is suitable by asking many questions.

4.   A glance at the assets of the proposed conservatee will enable your specialist counsel to advise you as to whether there is a likeliness that the Conservatee will run out of money during his or her time, by giving you an estimate of the current cost of care in home or in a facility.

5.   A specialist counsel will be able to advise you of alternate ways of paying for dementia or alzheimer care for your loved ones, including having extensive Medi-Cal training by the counsel.

6.   Asset protection is a great part of planning for persons with dementia.   Special clauses can go into estate plans which can help protect the elderly from giving away their assets.

7.  Counsel should be able to converse about various options including whether a private professional fiduciary may be able to alleviate some of the stress of the tasks involved in caring for your loved ones.   This is especially important if you are caring for parents and do not have enough time to spend as you must support your family.

Call our Certified Specialist Counsel, Mina Sirkin, 818.340.4479 for an appointment to determine the best course of action for your loved one.   Our Elder Law Woodland Hills offices are located in Los Angeles County: Woodland Hills, Glendale and Pasadena.   For over 22 years, our conservatorships attorneys have served many families and clients whose parents have dementia or Alzheimer's disease in Los Angeles regarding dementia law and elder care planning for conservatorships.   Los Angeles Conservatorship Counsel.