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As attorneys, we are often asked by Glendale residents regarding Conservatorships and the nature of the proceedings affecting the elderly.   Over the last twenty three years, we have helped thousands of families find solutions to care for their elderly parents, special needs family members, and friends in the conservatorship process.

We approach Conservatorships with a goal oriented initial conference where we gather information about the special circumstances of the case in preparation for the trust.   We work backwards to find solutions regarding the health and care for the disabled or elderly person who will be the subject of the conservatorship.   Before we file any petition, we discuss possible outcomes and issues which should be known to proposed conservators before we start as follows:

1.  Conservatorships are lifetime proceedings.  They last until the Conservatee dies or the Court terminates the Conservatorship.    They require commitment on the part of the Conservator.   Conservators are allowed to hire care managers, caregivers  and other professionals to help meet this commitment.

2.  Uncontested Conservatorships which do not have any urgency involved take about 45 to 60 days to create.   If there is an urgency, such as a medical procedure, of if property will be lost, we can get an expedited emergency temporary conservatorship implemented in about 5 days, sometimes even shorter, depending on the nature of the urgency.

3.  Conservators of the Estate have to be bonded for liquid assets of the Conservatorship.   Before we represent a client, we have them apply for a proposed bond.   If a person is not bondable, we work with private professional fiduciaries who can be nominated to do the job of the conservator.

4.   Sales of real property require confirmations by the Court in a formal petition.   We help our clients obtain the appropriate appraisals to make the process of confirmation faster.

5.   Conservators of the Estate have to prepare and file an accounting in Court.  Conservatorship Accountings are one of the most litigated areas of probate conservatorships.  We have a simplified solution to set up the books and records from the start of the conservatorship so that our clients at the time of accounting, are ready to submit the accounting to court without any problems.

6.   Accounts created by Conservators have to be titled in the name of the Conservator such as here:  Mary Smith, Conservator of the Estate of Norma Jones.

7.   Conservators of the Estate have to file tax returns on behalf of the Conservatee.

8.   Relatives and friends of the Conservatee can object to accountings by the Conservator.

9.    An Advanced Health Care Directive is a good substitute for Conservatorships of the Person where there are no family disputes.

While we represent families, we also represent professional conservators (professional fiduciaries) and non-professional conservators.   If you need assistance in locating a good professional conservator, ask us for a referral.  We can advise you of the best solutions in conservatorship cases.

If you have loved on in Glendale who needs special legal work in a trust, call us first.  We handle conservatorship and special needs trusts in Glendale.

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