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Mina N. Sirkin is a Board Certified

Specialist Attorney in California Probate, Estate Planning, and Trust Law.   We deliver outstanding results in record time.  Our attorneys have over twenty three years of experience in probate, estate planning, trust, conservatorship, litigation, and elder law in Los Angeles, California.

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Evan R. Sirkin is an experienced trust attorney who handles probate, trust and special needs trust law.

Our trust attorneys help maximize the amount available for distribution to trust beneficiaries. Schedule a consultation appointment with one of our trust attorneys who can evaluate your case an make recommendations regarding probate and trust solutions for your individual case.  Call us for a free living trust consultation with our Los Angeles attorneys.


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Los Angeles Probate Attorney:   Our Trust litigation team advises clients in complex litigation cases as well as in mediation. Whether you are involved in probate litigation, a trust litigation case, or conservatorship litigation, we can assist you.   We have administered probate estates for over 22 years.  Our probate lawyers and attorneys in Los Angeles can advise you of the nuances of probate & trust law in California.  Probate procedures can get complicated and our experts can assist you in managing all aspects of a probate estate and litigation.