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Probate Mediation & Litigation Attorney Los Angeles

Litigation and Mediation in the Los Angeles Probate Court requires an attorney how has had decades of experience.    Our attorneys have over 26 years of probate expertise in the Los Angeles County Superior Court Probate Departments.  We have created unique ways of helping our clients recover keeping their budgets in mind when representing their interests.   Our business goal is to help families such as yours in successfully completing trust or probate mediation and  litigation matters in the Los Angeles Probate Court.  


There are several types of common trust and probate litigation lawsuits in Probate which can be resolved in mediation or in litigation by an experienced trust litigation lawyer:

1.   Will or trust forgery or fraud.

2.   Cases involving undue influence where one person obtains a will or a trust by unduly influencing an elder.

3.   Recovery of Assets of a decedent for the benefit of a trust.  

4.   Fraud relating to a will or trust.  Cases involving undue influence and trusts are rampant in Los Angeles.

5.   Cases where a person obtains a will or trust when there is lack of capacity, or diminished capacity by the signor.

6.   Cases where an executor or trustee has failed to timely distribute the assets of the decedent.

7.   Situations where an executor or trustee failed to account to the beneficiaries or heirs.

8.   See an additional list of situations where the court intervenes and types of trust litigation issues in Los Angeles.

90% of probate disputes in Los Angeles get resolved in mediation.   With experts at our office, we see to it that your case is resolved timely, and within your budget.     There are several successful mediation programs in Los Angeles.   Retired judges generally know this area of law very well and can assist in getting a resolution out of court faster than any trial date set in court.

Our Probate Certified Specialist Attorney regularly represents clients in trust litigation and probate litigation matters, in Departments 2D, 3, 4 5, 9, 11. 29, 57, 67, 79 , and 99 of the Los Angeles Superior Court (probate departments).   Our speciality is complex probate litigation matters.   Call our trust litigation lawyer in Los Angeles, Mina Sirkin.  If you have a unique situation which requires immediate attention, contact our trust litigation law office at 818.340.4479.    Our staff members are ready to assist you with appointments.

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