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You may have considered asking an attorney what the probate process is like in Los Angeles.  Probate is a protective proceeding where an attorney guides you through the process of changing title to assets of a decedent.  

What Function Does Probate Serve in Los Angeles?

1.  It insures that the court supervises the actions of an executor or administrator.  

2.   The Court overlooks the admission of wills and allows a forum for people to question authenticity of any will or codicil.  Sometimes, a will or codicil cannot be admitted, if it was the result of undue influence, fraud or lack of capacity of the decedent.   The probate process allows for relatives to voice their concerns and objections to a will or codicil via a will contest.  Call Sirkin Law 818.340.4479 when you want to talk to an attorney to dispute a will in Los Angeles.

3.   It insures that creditors' rights are protected, via a bond.

4.   Probate provides a method of transfer of title to property of a decedent.

5.  It includes a timeline for an accounting for the executor or administrator, and a time for distribution of the assets of the estate.

How do you start the probate process in Los Angeles?

The process in Los Angeles begins with a Petition for Probate filed with the Central Court (Downtown).  The petition requires that a notice be published in the local newspaper where the decedent resided.   This is to make sure that any relatives that find out about the probate filing, have an opportunity to object, and that creditors can come forward to collect any money due them by the decedent.

Unless there is a will that waives bond, the Court requires that an administrator/ executor post a bond.   Sometimes, administrators cannot get bonded due to bad creditor, or prior bankruptcies or other reasons.    If a bond is ordered but it it is not posted, the executor/ administrator cannot get appointed unless an alternative method is used.  Bond waivers are getting more rare in Los Angeles and require a personal appearance to request one.

The alternative to a bond is a blocked account, or appointment of another person, such as a private professional fiduciary.

What do you do if there are disputes in probate, or if you want to talk to an attorney to dispute or contest a will in Los Angeles?

While there are many times where there are disputes regarding actions of an executor or administrator, there are great opportunities for settlement of cases in probate via mediation.    The least expensive way of settling a probate dispute is by mediation.

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Mina Sirkin, is a nationally recognized probate attorney and has served as a media expert to CNN, MSNBC, Inside Edition, NPR and KTLA regarding probate and estate matters.  She is Certified as a Specialist by the Board of Legal Specialization of the State Bar of California, in Probate, Estate Planning and Trust Law.   Mina Sirkin is rated 10/10 on Avvo.  Sirkin Law Group's Probate Offices are located in Los Angeles, Woodland Hills, Glendale and Pasadena.  Cities near us:  Burbank, Calabasas, Sherman Oaks, Tarzana, Van Nuys.  Probate Attorney Los Angeles  Call: 818.340.4479.