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A Los Angeles Probate Attorney is a licensed professional who assists families in administering and settling wills, trusts and estates in Los Angeles County Ca.     We understand the pressures and difficulties which come about as a result of the death of a loved one.   Our attorneys have over two decades of experience in facilitating the distribution of estate assets to beneficiaries and heirs.   We are sympathetic to the needs and stresses of our clients, as well as their budgets.   We offer probate mediation, as wells as litigation and trial services, where needed.   

The Probate Process

Typically, we assess the assets of a probate estate first.   The probate process in California involves filing a petition for probate and publication of a notice in the local newspaper.  A probate hearing is then set for the court to initially appoint a probate executor or probate administrator to manage the affairs of a probate estate.    Notice to creditors is then given.   Assets of the deceased person are marshaled after the appointment of the executor of administrator.    The probate process can take 7 months to a year, where there is no litigation.   Where there are probate disputes, the process may take much longer.   In such cases, mediation is a good alternative to quickly and efficiently close a probate estate.   Call our probate lawyers for a free consultation at 818.340.4479.

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