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What are Special Trusts? Special Needs Trust Los Angeles

A Special Trust in Los Angeles addresses and provides for the special needs of its beneficiary without jeopardizing the beneficiary's government aid.   For those who are concerned about an inheritance arriving without provisions for special needs, there are solutions.   If a parent or grandparent forgot to create a special needs trust for a Los Angeles beneficiary, our specialist attorney can in most cases assist in setting up a special trust which receives the inheritance which qualifies as a special needs trust.   First party and third party trusts have designated uses for inheritances in the right circumstances.  When a parent's money is used during his/her life to create a trust, that type of special needs trust is usually called a third party special needs trust.  On the other hand, if the beneficiary's money is used, or if the parent has died but left an unplanned inheritance to an SSI beneficiary, then that calls for a first party special needs trust.  First Party trusts are also used when the SSI beneficiary gets litigation proceeds.  Read about how a special trust can help. To get the best advice about the type of special trust suitable and appropriate in Los Angeles for your particular Special Needs Trust, call Mina Sirkin at 818-340-4479.  Email: